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The main aim of author was to present the specific features of the architecture and urbanisation of Algiers — the capital of Algeria. The history of the city was marked by two great periods: Muslim domination especially from the 15th century and French colonialism in the years —


Read more. The theme is: Staging the Museum. Deadline is 10 January , CET. More information in the PDF file below. This issue of OASE traces the role of drawing in landscape design and urbanism. We are interested in two kinds of contributions that each start from the drawing: 1. Textual contributions: historical or theoretical papers about a series of drawing s.

Abstract Traditional Islamic cities have generally gathered orientalized gazes and perspectives, picking up from misconceptions and stereotypes that evolved during the seconf half of the 19th century and were perpectuated by colonialism. More recent scholarship has shed light on the urban organization and composition of such tissues; most of them confined to old quarters or historical centres of thriving contemporary cities within the Arab-Muslim world. In fact, one of the most striking features has been the unveiling of layered urban assemblages where exterior agents have somehow launched or interrupted an apparent islamicized continuum. Primarly, this paper wishes to search for external political factors that have designed regularly geometrized patterns in medium-sized Arab towns. For that, two case studies from different geographies — Maghreb and the Near East — will be morphologically analysed through updated urban surveys. However, both cases show how regularity patterns challenge Western concepts of geometrical design to embrace levels of rationality related to tradional Islamic urban forms, societal configurations and built environment. Urban morphology becomes a fundamental tool for articulating the history with me processes of sedimentation and evolution in order to read current urban prints and dynamics.

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Compiling a bibliography is a never-ending task. Comments, corrections and additions are welcome. Consolidated Urban Morphology reading list compiled by Peter J. This bibliography focuses particularly - although not exclusively - on English-language literature and on the Conzenian tradition. This is solely because of the background and linguistic limitations of its compiler! However it does contain a small number of non-English works, and makes reference to non-Conzenian traditions.

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Urban Forms and Colonial Confrontations. Algiers under French Rule. Zeynep Çelik. UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA PRESS. Berkeley · Los Angeles · Oxford.

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These examples are then analysed and interpreted in order to illustrate their impact on Indonesian culture and politics. By thus presenting and contextualising an array of architectural and urban developments, Kusno attempts to sketch the many societal and political interconnections influencing their realization. Each section consists of two to three essays aimed at illustrating the different facets and connections between architecture, urbanism, history, society and politics within different periods in Indonesian history. To substantiate his argument, Kusno describes the cultural and architectural presence of the Chinese in Indonesia, the absence of any reference to the socially, physically and spatially destructive May riots in Jakarta in the architecture that was built after , and the continued application in Indonesia today of the three architectural styles that were dominant during the late colonial period: Empire Style, Indische Architectuur and Art Deco.

The city's population at the Census was 2,, [3] and in was estimated to be around 3,, An estimate puts the population of the larger metropolitan city to be around 5,, Algiers is located on the Mediterranean Sea and in the north-central portion of Algeria.

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Urban forms and colonial confrontations: Algiers under French rule


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Title: Urban Forms and Colonial Confrontations: Algiers Under French Rule. Author: Çelik, Zeynep. Note: Berkeley: University of California Press, c

Public Space and Public Face: Italian Fascist Urban Planning at Tripoli’s Colonial Trade Fair