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The Liberal Arts program offers a variety of courses that prepare students to transfer into the junior year at four-year colleges and universities in such fields as English, history, humanities, journalism, world languages, pre-law, literature, psychology, sociology, political science, anthropology, philosophy, and education. Liberal Arts can be a valuable, flexible path allowing students to explore many subject areas before choosing a more specific discipline upon transfer.

FHS-01 Foundation Course in Humanities and Social Sciences

These courses have been approved as General Education Humanities courses. This course list is updated periodically. Descriptions and learning criteria for General Education Humanities courses can be found in the Foundation and Knowledge Domains section. Humanities Courses. Menu Arts Courses B. Degree Requirements: Arts Courses B.

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Courses may be designated as fulfilling more than one requirement, subject to recommendation by the Committee on Instruction and Faculty approval. However, a course cannot be counted in more than two categories Distributional Requirements, Modes of Thinking, and Major Requirements. All courses satisfying the General Education Requirements must be at least 3-point courses. Independent studies are not eligible. Requirement: One course that asks students to examine the community and environment in which they find themselves as residents of New York City.

It is open to students, dual-enrolled high school students and citizens from the community who have experience with instrumental music. The band plays at least four concerts a year as well as at the MCCC commencement. Each year, several band scholarships are awarded to area high school students. Membership is by audition. Each year, the college awards 10 performing music scholarships.

BCom 1st year Foundation course in humanities and social sciences and social sciences) Notes Study Material in Hindi English PDF File.

Humanities and Social Sciences

NCBI Bookshelf. Higher education has not yet agreed on a definition of what the integration of the arts, humanities, and science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and medicine STEMM fields is and what it is not. As a result, many questions continue to surround integration. Is the use of poetry or song assignments in a science course integrative if literature or music theory faculty are not involved?

See the drop down menu below for a full list of the programmes you can progress onto following successful completion of the Humanities and Social Sciences pathway. Alongside the three compulsory modules, you will also study a number of subject specidic modules which will be chosen in line with your prefered progression degree programme. January intake subject to availability. Please contact foundationprogrammes qmul.

Social science is the branch of science devoted to the study of societies and the relationships among individuals within those societies. The term was formerly used to refer to the field of sociology , the original "science of society", established in the century. In addition to sociology, it now encompasses a wide array of academic disciplines , including anthropology , archaeology , economics , human geography , linguistics , management science , media studies , political science , psychology , and history. For a more detailed list of sub-disciplines within the social sciences see: Outline of social science.

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Plenty of students opt to study the social sciences at postgraduate level, gaining insight into people, places and various fascinating aspects of every day life. Use our course search to find your perfect postgraduate program in the social sciences. The social sciences are a vital part of today's culture and touch on all areas of life, and Europe has a long history with them. Today two out of the top five universities in the world for the social sciences are European. Many European universities specialise in the social sciences — as seen through places like the London School of Economics and Political Science or the Sciences Po, Paris. Even those that don't specialise in social sciences, however, excel at them, including places like the University of Amsterdam, founded in the s, or the University of Copenhagen, the oldest university in Denmark.

This pre-undergraduate programme is intended to provide you with the skills and knowledge relevant to studying subjects in the Humanities, Law and Social Sciences. It also aims to improve your English and study skills in order to meet the requirements for entry to undergraduate degrees at the University of Exeter. Content modules introduce key concepts and skills relevant to students wishing to study law, humanities and social sciences and develop important technical and communication skills. Learning is appropriately paced and supported with a generous allocation of teaching time. The programme will give you experience of the expectations of study as a university student, while delivering benefits in the form of small-group tuition and and a very supportive environment. Entry to the first year undergraduate degree at Exeter is through UCAS application and dependent on you achieving the required academic standards and general entry requirements for the University of Exeter. This programme is designed to enable you to enter a degree programme at the University of Exeter or any other UK Higher Education Institution.


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