40 Lessons On Refrigeration And Air Conditioning From Iit Kharagpur Pdf

40 lessons on refrigeration and air conditioning from iit kharagpur pdf

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Refrigeration and Air Conditioning.

Explain the working principle of a centrifugal compressor Section Present the analysis of centrifugal compressors Section

Students from these institutes are leading many of the major multinational corporations. NPTEL provides course-ware in the form of video lectures and web courses. Most of these courses consists 40 videos and 1 hour duration each. You can also get course completion certification for some of the courses.

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Define refrigeration and air conditioning Section 1. Introduce aspects of various natural refrigeration methods, namely:. Use of ice transported from colder regions Section 1. Use of ice harvested in winter and stored in ice houses Section 1. Use of ice produced by nocturnal cooling Section 1. Use of evaporative cooling Section 1.

Objectives of the lesson:The objectives of this lesson are to introduce the student to: i. Applications of refrigeration in: a Food processing, preservation and distribution Section 3. Section 3. Applications of air conditioning, namely: a Industrial, such as in textiles, printing, manufacturing, photographic, computer rooms, power plants, vehicular etc. IntroductionAs mentioned in Lesson 1, refrigeration deals with cooling of bodies or fluids to temperatures lower than those of surroundings. This involves absorption of heat at a lower temperature and rejection to higher temperature of the surroundings.

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The time and venue for opening the bids will be notified separately to the bidders. As the commercial bids of only the technically qualified bidders shall be opened, the bidders must clearly indicate technical and commercial on the envelops. The Institute reserves the right to accept or reject any bid, postpone or cancel the bidding process without assigning any reason whatsoever. Air handling units are installed on the roof tops 2 nos. Starter panels are located near the AHU s. The following supporting documents must be supplied along with the bid: a. List of important works executed during last five years including name of client, amount of work, duration of completion, certificate from client etc.

Object design implementation in a programming language eg c or java. Lecture series on management information system by prof. Object oriented system design iit kgp. Introduction to the principles of object oriented programming classes objects messages encapsulation inheritance polymorphism exception handling and object oriented containers. And many object based as well as object oriented languages have become available and have been widely. Ubiquitous notation of uml unified modeling language has firmly established itself as the vehicular language for design. All objects in a system are also interacting to each other by means of passing messages from one object to another.

4O LESSONS ON REFRIGERATION AND AIR CONDITIONING FROM IIT Lesson 40 Ventilation For Cooling [ Natural versus mechanical ventilation ~.

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Introduction to psychrometric processes and their representation Section Figure The heat. By separating the total heat transfer transfer rate from the cooling coil into sensible and.

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