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Managing housing markets, transport networks, river basins, energy supplies and investment in skills requires coordination across multiple local governments. The solution is strategic planning. The Royal Town Planning Institute RTPI a leading body for spatial, sustainable and inclusive planning and the largest planning institute in Europe has studied how planning has worked in a number of settings and identified the following principles that strategic planning should follow, irrespective of location. Planning should be about efficiently using resources and have a clear purpose. It is easy for strategic plans to become unwieldy and cover a wide range of issues that are adequately addressed either by regional or national planning policy e. Planning should deal only with issues that require treatment at a level higher than individual municipalities. Strategic plans need to set out where major investments in housing, transport and economic growth will take place.

Urban planning , design and regulation of the uses of space that focus on the physical form, economic functions, and social impacts of the urban environment and on the location of different activities within it. Because urban planning draws upon engineering , architectural , and social and political concerns, it is variously a technical profession, an endeavour involving political will and public participation, and an academic discipline. Increasingly, the technology of geographic information systems GIS has been used to map the existing urban system and to project the consequences of changes. In the late 20th century the term sustainable development came to represent an ideal outcome in the sum of all planning goals. The modern origins of urban planning lie in a social movement for urban reform that arose in the latter part of the 19th century as a reaction against the disorder of the industrial city. Many visionaries of the period sought an ideal city, yet practical considerations of adequate sanitation, movement of goods and people, and provision of amenities also drove the desire for planning.

What is Urban Strategy?

Tourism in Oregon City is a major economic opportunity. A vibrant tourism industry can be a major economic driver, creating jobs and enhancing communities. To position Oregon City to participate in this important economy, the Oregon City Economic Development Department is currently working with Coraggio Group, a local strategic planning and organizational change consulting firm, to help develop and refine the Oregon City Tourism Strategic Plan. The plan will provide guidance for directing future efforts and funds aimed at increasing tourism activity within Oregon City. Ultimately, this project will bring the City closer to meeting the overall tourism objectives of increasing tourism-related revenues and employment opportunities within the City by:. The City also recognizes that what is attractive to visitors can also be attractive to residents and investors, thus providing a quality of life and business development component to the strategy. Learn more about the project from the Scope of Work document below and stay up-to-date with the project by visiting the Project Updates page.

Carmona, M. Burgess, R. This book draws upon the ongoing research activities of agiobal network of urban researchers - the IBIS network. The network involves postgraduate student exchanges and the development of research programmes in urban planning, architecture and design. Although still strongly oriented towards Latin America the aim is to further globalise this network and universities from Africa and Asia now participate in it. The IBIS network has focused on three research areas considered to be fundamental for understanding and acting upon contemporary urban processes: globalisation with its policy context of adjustment; the emerging global environmental 'crisis' with its policy context of 'sustainability' and the changing relationship of the state to civil society with its policy context of market, political and community enablement. The goal is to develop a coherent and flexible research agenda for each of these three areas in order to conduct a programme of coordinated research in a deepened and eventually fully globalised IBIS network.

Strategic Planning & Urban Projects: Responses to Globalization from 15 cities research activities of agiobal network of urban researchers - the IBIS network.

Strategic Planning & Urban Projects: Responses to Globalization from 15 cities

Lobo, Bruno. It argues that despite of the formal differences found between systems as legal constructs, there is a need to investigate if these consequences actually occur and how they are produced. Each case study is representative of a different planning model where each project was developed after a revision of the local planning statutes and introduction of a new strategic city plan. The variations found between projects are instead determined by the broader development models present in each case which determine the implementation capacity of cities and ability to capitalize public resources to capture part of the resulting increment in land values and deliver public benefits.

Skip to content Skip to navigation. Such strategic policy interventions offer some promise in creating new economic opportunities, however explicit policies are needed to ensure low income households can access affordable housing close to employment opportunities. Citation: Pill, M. This study examines how local and international funding interventions focussed on specific regions, such as City Deals, deliver affordable rental housing for low income households to enhance urban productivity.

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Strategic planning, ‘city deals’ and affordable housing

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Urban Strategy is an emerging urban profession that joins the dots of city-making.

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Keywords: strategic planning; historic urban landscape; model; Thus, urban management of sustainable urban projects in​publications_resources/pdf_publications/pdf/experts_mtg_marpdf.

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A comprehensive plan is a tool that many cities use to establish a high-level vision to guide citywide policy decisions over several years.