Social Media In Tourism And Hospitality A Literature Review Pdf

social media in tourism and hospitality a literature review pdf

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Published: 03.05.2021

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This study aims to provide an assessment of the existing literature on the role of social media advertising in hospitality, tourism and travel HTT as well as an agenda for future research. Covering a year time span — , this study is focused on journal papers archived in two academic databases in social sciences: Business Source Complete and Communication and Mass Media Complete. Each of the papers collected was coded for 8 major variables: journal, year of publication, research topic, country studied, type of social media investigated, method, theoretical underpinning and key findings. Although a few prior papers have provided a literature review of social media in tourism and hospitality, no review-based papers have ever examined social media as an advertising vehicle in the context of HTT.

Using Social Media Data to Plan for Tourism

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Social Media in Tourism and Hospitality: A Literature Review

The purpose of the article is to present the concept of using social media SM as data sources and communication tools, useful at the various stages of planning, implementing and monitoring the effects of tourism development on a local level. The first part discusses the stages of planning, then presents the characteristics of SM, along with a discussion of the issues presented in the literature to this date. The next part presents data sources and methods of research on SM and functions that they can perform in tourism. The concept presented, on the one hand, reviews the perspectives of practical use of SM as a communication tool and source of data and, on the other hand, the challenges related to the need to further deepen research on tourism planning methods that are adequate to the continuously changing environment. Dynamic development and increasing competitiveness among tourist destinations have been observed for many years UNWTO Activities aimed at creating tourism development plans in such a turbulent and chaotic environment Phillips, Moutinho require a strategic well-thought-out and structured approach, adequate to changing conditions Liu et al.

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Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. DOI: Social media and its growing role in tourism has been increasingly an emerging research topic. From information search to decision making behaviours, social media plays a significant role in many aspects of tourism. Social media also plays a significant role in tourism promotion and helps the tourism service providers in focusing on best practices through the feedback they get from tourists and public via social media. View PDF.

Role of Social Media in Tourism: A Literature Review.

Download Certificate. The activities of promotion can be varied nowadays as the Internet technology has been developed to get information in real time. Digital promotion, such as from website and social media, is common to use to promote product and services, such as food and beverages in the restaurant including the services.

Akehurst, G. User generated content: The use of blogs for tourism organisations and tourism consumers. Service Business 3 1 , From chaos to collaboration. Ayeh, J.

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COVID outbreak has presented unprecedented circumstances before the fragile tourism and hospitality industry.

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Social Media in Tourism and Hospitality: A Literature Review

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Social Media-Based Behavior To Promote Tourist Destination

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Recent Tourism Management Perspectives Articles

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Tourists frequently rely on social networks to provide information about a product or destination as a decision support tool to make adequate decisions in the process of planning a trip.

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Social media also facilitates the creation, sharing, and exchange user-generated content (UGC) such as photos, videos, stories, and other travel-.

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Being one of the “mega trends” that has significantly impacted the tourism system​, the role and use of social media in travelers' decision making and in tourism.