Malaysian Laws On Poisons And Sale Of Drugs Pdf

malaysian laws on poisons and sale of drugs pdf

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Poisons Act 1952 and Regulations

Metrics details. This new Pharmacy Bill contains 17 parts and a total of legislative sections covering laws governing pharmacy practice, medicinal products classification, registration, sale, supply, licensing etc. Our article could serve as a case study on pharmacy jurisprudence and drug regulation as well as the governance for medicines. Changes to the colonial era legislation are long overdue as the present pharmaceutical and medical controls are not integrated and various overlaps exist in terms of roles of control. However, various organisations of private general practitioners strongly opposed this Pharmacy Bill and lobbied for a revised version that greatly favours themselves. Thus, the latest revision of this Pharmacy Bill renders the power to medical doctors to not only continue selling and supplying medications but also compound medication. A complete overhaul of pharmacy legislation in view of the current challenges faced in providing efficient and comprehensive health services in Malaysia is necessary.

Short title and application 2. Interpretation 3. Establishment of Poisons Board 4. Proceedings of Board 5. Powers of Board to regulate proceedings 6. Power of Minister to amend Poisons List 7.

The firm has the resources to manage complex cross-border transactions, projects and matters. It is regularly instructed by and works with international law firms. Pharmaceuticals and medical devices in Malaysia are governed by the following main legislation and regulations:. Appeals may be made against the decisions of the regulatory bodies in accordance with the procedure set out in the applicable Act or Regulations. The remedies which may be sought under the judicial review application are:. Pharmaceutical products which contain scheduled poison s under the PA may be categorised into different groups: Group A for products with high toxicity, Group B for prescription medicines, Group C for non-prescription medicines and Group D for products for laboratory use and with different registration requirements for each category of products.

The fate of the new pharmacy bill: going backwards or forwards?

The drug classification system, as prescription or non-prescription drug category, has been utilized as a regulatory strategy to ensure patient safety. In Thailand, the same system has been used for decades, though the drug classification criteria were updated to accommodate drug re-classification in These new criteria, however, have not been applied retroactively. Inconsistency in drug classification has been observed leading to concerns regarding the drug classification system. This has prompted the need for a review of the drug classification system in Thailand.

Dangerous Drugs Act 1952

Poisons Act regulate the import, possession, manufacture, compounding, storage, transportation, sale and use of Poisons. Disclaimer : Pharmaceutical Services Programme, Ministry of Health Malaysia shall not be liable for any loss or damage resulting from the use of information in this portal. All Rights Reserved.

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Dangerous Drugs Act 1952

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Malaysian Legislation

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Possession for sale of poison and sale of poison in contravention of this Act an "Drug Enforcement Officer" means any registered pharmacist in the public.

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Poisons Act regulate the import, possession, manufacture, compounding, storage, transportation, sale and use of Poisons. PDF icon Poisons (​Psychotropic Substances) Regulations , KB Ministry of Health Malaysia shall not be liable for any loss or damage resulting from the use of.

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