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next generation sequencing current technologies and applications pdf

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Published: 01.05.2021

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U.S. Clinical Oncology Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Market Review and Analysis Report

Microbial Technology for the Welfare of Society pp Cite as. Next-generation sequencing has the ability to revolutionize almost all fields of biological science. It has drastically reduced the cost of sequencing. This allows us to study the whole genome or part of the genome to understand how the cellular functions are governed by the genetic code. The data obtained in huge quantity from sequencing upon analysis gives an insight to understand the mechanism of pathogen biology, virulence, and phenomenon of bacterial resistance, which helps in investigating the outbreak.

Skip to main content. Published: Jan 15, With the advent of new technology, the potential that next generation sequencing NGS application holds in genetic counseling, disease management and treatment, and risk assessment is remarkable. From a clinical perspective, the technology can be applied to prenatal diagnosis, molecular diagnosis of genetic and infectious diseases, medical genetics and pharmacogenomics, carrier detection, cancer molecular diagnosis, and prognosis. In terms of technology, targeted sequencing and re-sequencing is a major contributor to the clinical oncology next generation sequencing market in the U. This technological segment will gain traction by enabling even higher throughput at reduced price per sample.

Next Generation Sequencing

NGS is the choice for large-scale genomic and transcriptomic sequencing because of the high-throughput production and outputs of sequencing data in the gigabase range per instrument run and the lower cost compared to the traditional Sanger first-generation sequencing method. NGS today is more than ever about how different organisms use genetic information and molecular biology to survive and reproduce with and without mutations, disease, and diversity within their population networks and changing environments. Next-generation sequencing NGS refers to the deep, high-throughput, in-parallel DNA sequencing technologies developed a few decades after the Sanger DNA sequencing method first emerged in and then dominated for three decades [ 1 , 2 ]. The NGS technologies are different from the Sanger method in that they provide massively parallel analysis, extremely high-throughput from multiple samples at much reduced cost [ 3 ]. Millions to billions of DNA nucleotides can be sequenced in parallel, yielding substantially more throughput and minimizing the need for the fragment-cloning methods that were used with Sanger sequencing [ 4 ]. The second-generation sequencing methods are characterized by the need to prepare amplified sequencing libraries before undertaking sequencing of the amplified DNA clones, whereas third-generation single molecular sequencing can be done without the need for creating the time-consuming and costly amplification libraries [ 5 ].

Flomics COVID platform extracts the most out of SARS-CoV-2 NGS data in a automated way.

Next-Generation Sequencing — An Overview of the History, Tools, and “Omic” Applications

Next-generation sequencing NGS is the catch all terms that used to explain several different modern sequencing technologies which let us to sequence nucleic acids much more rapidly and cheaply than the formerly used Sanger sequencing, and as such have revolutionized the study of molecular biology and genomics with excellent resolution and accuracy. Over the past years, many academic companies and institutions have continued technological advances to expand NGS applications from research to the clinic. In this review, the performance and technical features of current NGS platforms were described.

Metrics details. Since the establishment of the Sanger sequencing method, scientists around the world focused their efforts to progress in the field to produce the utmost technology. The introduction of next-generation sequencing NGS represents a revolutionary step and promises to lead to massive improvements in our understanding on the role of nucleic acids functions.

Following the completion of the Human Genome Project in , research in oncology has progressively focused on the sequencing of cancer genomes, with the aim of better understanding the genetic basis of oncogenesis and identifying actionable alterations. NGS provided a significant step forward in Personalized Medicine PM by enabling the detection of somatic driver mutations, resistance mechanisms, quantification of mutational burden, germline mutations, which settled the foundation of a new approach in cancer care. In this chapter, we discuss the history, available techniques, and applications of NGS in oncology, with a particular referral to the PM approach and the emerging role of the research field of pharmacogenomics. Cancer is a genetic disease.

Role of Next-Generation Sequencing Technologies in Personalized Medicine


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