Sql Queries On Emp And Dept Table Pdf

sql queries on emp and dept table pdf

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Display the dept information from department table. Display name and salary for all employees. Display employee name and annual salary for all employees. Display names of employees who do not earn any commission. Display the names of employees who are working as clerk,salesman or analyst and drawing a salary more than

SQL Queries

If you are an Database Administrator or a Database Analyst oor someone who wants to know how to manipulate data from employee tables in your organization, you can use make use of this SQL solutions. Use the following table to browse across different parts. List the employee names and his annual salary dept wise. Find out least 5 earners of the company. JOB from emp A, emp B where. List the name, sal, comm. And net pay is more than any other employee. List those emps whose sal is odd value.

List the emps whose deptno is available in his salary. List the emps those who joined in company before 15 th of the month. Union select Mgr from emp. List the details of the emps whose grade is equal to one tenth of sales dept. List the name of the dept where more than avg. Produce the following output from EMP. SMITH clerk. List the emps with hiredate in format June 4, Use the following values to test your solution. Emps hired on or before 15 th of any month are paid on the last Friday of that month.

Those hired after 15 th are paid on the first Friday of the following month. Print a list of emps, their hiredate and the first pay date. Sort on hiredate. Count the no of characters without considering spaces for each name. Find out the emps who are getting decimal value in their sal without using like operator.

Select ename, sal from emp where. List those emps whose salary contains first four digit of their deptno. List those managers who are getting less than his emps salary. Using Co-Releated Query :. Select distinct A. Mgr ;.

Using Co-Releated Sub Query :. Define a variable representing the expression used to calculate on emps total annual remuneration. Use the variable in a statement which finds all emps who can earn a year or more. Find out how many managers are there in the company.

Find avg sal and avg total remuneration for each job type. Remember salesman earn commission. Check whether all the emps numbers are indeed unique. Find out the job that was filled in the first half of and same job that was filled during the same period of Related Posts.

List the records from emp whose deptno is not in dept. List the emps whose sal contain 3 digits. List the emps who are working as managers. List the name of dept where highest no of emps are working. List the emps who joined in the company on the same date. List the managers name who is having max no of emps working under him.

Wrote a query to calculate the length of service of any employee with the company, use DEFINE to avoid repetitive typing of functions.

Select ename, length ename from emp ;. List the emps who are working as managers using co-related sub-query. Find out the emps who joined in the company before their managers.

employee and department table queries in mysql

I have two tables with same columns, if I want to find out all records those are in Table A and not in Table B , Let me know the at least two queries How I can do that? I have two tables with same column and data types. If I need to get distinct records from both of tables. There is the view sys. By providing the object id of table you can get rows for table. Get top two records without Top keyword. EMPNO, b.

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Display the details of all employees. Display the depart information from the department table. Display the name and job for all the employees.


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Like Like. Like Liked by 1 person. Help please Q1. Use subquery to find employees in Department 10 of the same positions as in department Use subquery to find employees in the department 10 that not have same positions as them in department

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SQL Queries: Database Testing Interview Questions in SQL PDF

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complex queries

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A) select loc from emp e, dept d where elmhurstskiclub.org = 'SMITH' and elmhurstskiclub.org = d.​deptno ;. List the total information of EMP table along with DNAME and Loc of all.

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SQL Interview Questions. 1. Display the dept information from department table. Display the names of employee from department number 10 with salary greater then that Display those who working as manager using co related sub query.



Remember salesman earn commission.

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The data contained in the EMP and DEPT tables. • SQL SELECT statement. – Simple example queries. – Calculating values and naming query columns.

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WRITE A QUERY TO DISPLAY EMPLOYEE NAME, JOB, HIREDATE AND DISPLAY UNIQUE JOBS FROM THE EMPLOYEE TABLE WITH SALARY SQL> select elmhurstskiclub.org,elmhurstskiclub.org,elmhurstskiclub.org from emp,dept where.