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ection 11 5 linkage and gene mapan wer key pdf

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The datasets supporting the conclusions of this article are included within the article and its additional file s. Matrix artefacts were removed by two-step solid-phase extraction process.

There has been considerable interest in understanding biological, ecological, historical, and evolutionary processes that contribute to the diversification of species and populations among tephritid fruit flies. Only a limited number of studies have examined the genetic diversity and population biology of species belonging to the genus Anastrepha considering fine-scale differentiations associated to locality as well as hosts over an entire fruiting season. To expand our understanding of population structure and genetic diversity in one of the critical Anastrepha fruit flies populations in a highly diverse tropical environment we analyzed Anastrepha obliqua Macquart Diptera: Tephritidae in the Mexican state of Veracruz from five host fruit species and 52 geographic collections using sequence data from mtDNA and microsatellite markers from nuclear DNA.

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The raw data supporting the conclusions of this article will be made available by the authors, without undue reservation. Phytogenic feed additives have been gaining considerable interest due to their ability to improve gut health and thereby performance of broiler chickens.

The impact of Glycyrrhiza glabra licorice extract GE on expression of genes coding for tight junction proteins and gut protection and Campylobacter jejuni colonization in broilers has not been discussed until now. Thus, the current study assessed the effective dose of GE for maximum growth in broiler chickens, clear-cut molecular mechanisms related to integrity and health of intestine, and controlling C. Over a day feeding period, a total of Ross broiler chicks were allocated to five groups; the first group was fed a control diet without GE and the second group to the fifth group were fed a control diet with GE 0.

Birds fed GE had an improved body weight gain and feed conversion ratio. The expression of genes coding for tight junction proteins [occludin and junctional adhesion molecules JAM ] was upregulated in all groups supplemented with GE. After challenge with C. The mean log 10 count of C. In addition, the highest reduction of C.

Results from this study suggested that G. The gastrointestinal tract GIT not only plays a role in nutrient digestion and absorption but also acts as a metabolic and immunological organ. The intestinal epithelium forms a barrier that is essential for animal health. To keep and regulate the integrity of the epithelial cell barrier, the cells are connected by tight junction TJ complexes consisting of TJ proteins [occludin and junctional adhesion molecules JAM-2 ] 1 , 2.

When the intestinal barrier integrity is interrupted, luminal substances can pass through the intact barrier and enter the body, causing an immune response such as inflammation, or impair animal health 4.

Also, decreasing the intactness of intestinal integrity could result in increasing the bacterial adherence to the intestinal mucosa, translocation of bacteria, and susceptibility to infection from opportunistic bacteria and nutrient malabsorption 5. The GIT integrity can be influenced by dietary factors and intestinal pathogens Escherichia coli, Clostridium perfringens, Salmonella Typhimurium, Campylobacter , etc.

Campylobacter jejuni is a gram-negative microaerophilic bacterium and is a well-known main causative agent for human acute gastrointestinal disorders 7. It was estimated that reduction of C. Unfortunately, there are no effective control measures for C. The poultry industry has made substantial efforts for decreasing in-feed antibiotics; thus, new strategies for controlling C.

On the other hand, certain dietary factors exert a protective effect on the intestinal barrier 9. The development of microbial resistance to antibiotics, the presence of antibiotic residues in animal products, and the impact of these residues on human health have encouraged the use of natural plant extract as alternative feed additives in the poultry industry in recent years Additionally, phytogenic feed additives PFA and plant-derived agents have been gaining considerable interest lately due to their ability to improve poultry performance by enhancing nutrient utilization, sustaining a healthy gut integrity, and reducing pathogen load PFA are beneficially modulating the intestinal microbiota recovery from intestinal challenge 12 due to their antimicrobial and antioxidant properties 13 , Also, dietary PFA can influence the maintenance of GI integrity via altering expression of genes coding TJ proteins and modulating the cellular immune system Among these PFA is the Glycyrrhiza glabra , which is a traditional medicinal plant documented across the world for its biological and pharmaceutical properties.

Its extract comprises several active compounds including more than 20 saponin triterpenes, flavonoids, and additional components such as coumarins, sugars, starch, amino acids, choline, tannins, phytosterols, choline, and ascorbic acid. In addition, G. Also, increasing gastric mucus secretion and antiulcer activity has been reported for GE Dietary supplementation of GE and Astragalus membranaceus clearly upregulated the expression of growth-related genes as IGF-1 18 in yellow perch.

Moreover, GE extract contains bioactive chemicals such as glycyrrhizin, glycyrrhizinic acid, glabridin, glabrene, and glabrol, which had a potential antibacterial against many bacterial strains either gram positive or gram negative such as B. Typhimurium, Staphylococcus aureus, V. Also, GE shows highest antiadhesion activity against C. The possible mechanism of GE on growth performance of broiler chickens could be attributed to the enhancement of GI integrity via altering expression TJ proteins, nutrient absorption, and intestinal immune system The care and management of birds and experimental procedures were in compliance with ethics and guidelines of the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at Zagazig University.

The experiment was performed in the broiler experimental unit at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at Zagazig University. Chicks were reared in the floor of 50 pens, weighed, and allocated randomly to five groups with 10 replicate pens consisting of 10 chicks per pen. Glycyrrhiza extract powder was added to the prepared basal diet and thoroughly mixed at concentrations of 0, 0. Lighting regime was 24 h from days 1 to 3 and then 23 h lighting was applied up to the end of the experiment.

The basal diet was formulated in mash form according to nutritional specifications of ROSS broilers Diets were formulated as starter—grower 1—20 days and finisher 21—35 days. All broiler chicks were given ad libitum access to water and feed.

The feed ingredient and chemical composition of the control diet are listed in Table 1. Mortality was recorded daily throughout the study period. The proximate analysis of the feed ingredients was carried out according to the standard procedures of the Association of Official Agricultural Chemists Upon hydrolysis, the licorice root extract loses its sweet taste and is converted to the aglycone glycyrrhetinic acid plus two molecules of glucuronic acid.

All birds in each replicate were weighed at day 1, day 21, and day 35 of age. The feed intake per replicate was recorded by subtracting the remaining feed weight from the initial feed weight during starter and grower phases. At the end of the experiment day 35 , 50 birds per group 5 birds per replicate pen were randomly selected, weighed, euthanized, and slaughtered by cervical dislocation, and then carcasses were opened immediately.

At the age of 35 days, 50 birds per group were orally infected with 10 8 cfu of C. Sampling post-infection: At 3 days post-infection day 38 : fresh fecal samples were collected immediately in a sterile tube for detection of C. The number of viable C. One gram of cecal contents from each bird was collected after slaughtering and serially diluted for identification and quantification of C.

To ensure counting of viable and non-viable C. DNA Extraction. To assemble the standard curve for C. The quantitative PCR reaction for counting C. The reaction condition for amplification of C.

The number of gene copy per gram of sample is equal to cell numbers as each C. Tukey's test was used to test for significant differences between the mean values. Variation in the data was expressed as SEM and the significance was set at 0. There was no significant difference among pens within the same group. Data for each pen was calculated individually, with a total number of 10 pens within the group and a total 50 pens for all five groups in the experiment.

Fecal and cecal cfu data were converted to log 10 cfu numbers before analysis. The growth parameters during the experimental period are shown in Table 3. During the finisher period, groups fed 0. Dietary inclusion of 0. Effects of dietary supplementation of Glycyrrhiza extract on growth performance of broiler chickens over 35 days. Moreover, upregulation of occludin and JAM-2 genes reached its peak with 0. Control referred to basal diet. Occludin expression in GE0.

The collected fecal samples at day 35 before challenge with C. The count of C. In addition, the lowest C. The loads of C. Effects of dietary supplementation of Glycyrrhiza extract on C. There is a growing interest in studying the beneficial effects of functional plant extracts for controlling diseases and improving broiler performance.

Additionally, modern pharmacological studies extensively described that flavonoids such as glabridin, liquiritin apioside, liquiritigenin, isoliquiritoside, isoliquiritigenin, and triterpene saponins such as glycyrrhizic acid were the main bioactive compounds supporting the biological effects of G.

In the current study, the use of G. Previous studies reported that dietary GE enhanced the body gain and feed efficiency in broiler chickens 31 and it has been recommended to be an alternative to in-feed antibiotics growth promoters in broiler chickens 32 , GE has a dual role in promoting growth of broiler chickens: one was to improve digestion 34 and the other may be related to its active components, mainly flavonoids, pentacyclic triterpene, and glycyrrhizin Additionally, dietary supplementation of flavonoid-rich plant extracts has been reported to improve the growth performance of broiler chickens 37 — This improved growth performance is likely due to the beneficial effect of flavonoids on gut functions The beneficial effect of G.

The cells of the intestinal barrier are connected by TJ complexes consisting of proteins including occludin and junctional adhesion molecules Several dietary factors displayed protective effects on the intestinal barrier 9. Maintaining the integrity of the epithelial cell barrier and nutrient utilization by GE in broilers are not fully understood until now. In our study, the upregulation of occludin and JAM-2 gene expression after dietary inclusion of GE indicated the beneficial effects of GE on gut barrier function.

In accordance, the upregulation of occludin gene expression was accounted for by improving the functions of TJ barrier and preventing its damage In addition, GE enhanced the recovery of intestinal barrier function in porcine cell culture through upregulating the expression of TJ proteins claudin-4 and occludin The mode of action of Glycyrrhiza extract may be due to its content from flavonoids such as liquiritin apioside, liquiritigenin, isoliquiritoside, isoliquiritigenin, and liquiritin Also, Brubaker 48 stated that GLP-2 is produced in the intestine and exerts multiple effects on the GIT to adjust food intake and to control digestion and absorption by signaling feedback to the brain.

In addition, this peptide has been shown to decrease intestinal inflammation 49 , permeability 50 , and bacterial translocation On the other hand, FABP is mainly expressed in the intestinal epithelium, which is thought to accelerate long-chain fatty acid uptake from the digesta into enterocytes 52 and protect against the cytotoxic effects of free cellular fatty acids; thus, it has an important role in enterocyte protection 3.

In contrast the overexpression of FABP indicated intestinal epithelial cell damage The modulatory effect of GE on gut protective genes upregulation of GLP-2 and downregulation of FABP may be attributed to its flavonoid content with an antioxidant effect by activating the expression of GLP-2 and protecting intestinal epithelium from inflammation In addition, flavonoids reduced the expression of FABP and thus protect the intestinal epithelial cells from damage caused by increased free cellular fatty acids Previous studies have described that inflammatory cytokines and bacterial antigens can affect TJ protein expression, thus altering TJ functions

Fruit, as the reproductive organ of higher plants, has high sink strength. During fruit development, large amounts of nutrients are transferred from the mother tree into the continuum of the pericarp, seed coat, and kernel by vascular tissue Ruan et al. Fruit can be divided into two broad categories based on the shape water content of the pericarp. The first category, fleshy fruit, is characterized by the development of the pericarp and accessory parts into succulent tissues, as in benzoin Zhang et al. Most research about fruit development has focused on fleshy fruit, specifically that of horticultural plants such as olive, citrus, and Siberian apricot. Fruit with an inedible pericarp houses the main storage of photosynthetic products in its seed.

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Continuous UV-excitation of the peptide hormone in solution leads to the progressive formation of tyrosine photo-product dityrosine, formed upon tyrosine radical cross-linkage.



PDF; Split View Anastrepha obliqua samples were collected during the three growing 23, Llano Grande (B), LLA1MI2, 11, N, W, VI & VII with mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) sequences from CO1 and ND1 genes. Departures from Hardy–Weinberg (HW) and linkage disequilibrium.

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The raw data supporting the conclusions of this article will be made available by the authors, without undue reservation.

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Phytogenic feed additives have been gaining considerable interest due to their ability to improve gut health and thereby performance of broiler chickens.