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Agricultural Engineering International: CIGR Journal

Grading of agricultural produce especially the fruits and vegetables has become a perquisite of trading across borders. In India mostly fruit growers grade the fruit manually. Manual grading was carried out by trained operators who considered a number of grading factors and fruit were separated according to their physical quality. Manually grading was costly and grading operation was affected due to shortage of labor in peak seasons. Human operations may be inconsistent, less efficient and time consuming. Grading of fruits is a very important operation as it fetches high price to the grower and improves packaging, handling and brings an overall improvement in marketing system. The fruits are generally graded on basis of size and graded fruits are more welcome in export market.

Grading and sorting

Grading machinery. Grading of size and quality is an essential for the marketing of fruits and vegetables. Sizing machines may be grouped broadly into two based on diameter and based on weight. Machines, which grade by diameter, vary in design and size. It gives higher output than the machine grade by weight.

Farm Machinery and Equipment-II

Mechanical sorters are machines, usually integrated to a conveyor belt , over which agriculture products are sorted by external criteria like dimensions and weight. Such equipment is based on mechanical apparatus triggered by these criteria. For example, a product, be it fruit or vegetable, is dropped into a bucket when its weight or diameter are measured at higher values than a given threshold.

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Grader: A review of different methods of grading for fruits and vegetables

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Vegetables are parts of plants that are consumed by humans or other animals as food. The original meaning is still commonly used and is applied to plants collectively to refer to all edible plant matter, including the flowers , fruits , stems , leaves , roots , and seeds. The alternate definition of the term is applied somewhat arbitrarily, often by culinary and cultural tradition. It may exclude foods derived from some plants that are fruits , flowers , nuts , and cereal grains, but include savoury fruits such as tomatoes and courgettes , flowers such as broccoli , and seeds such as pulses. Originally, vegetables were collected from the wild by hunter-gatherers and entered cultivation in several parts of the world, probably during the period 10, BC to 7, BC, when a new agricultural way of life developed.

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PDF | Grading of agricultural produce especially the fruits and vegetables has become a perquisite of trading across borders. In India mostly.

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FRUITS AND VEGETABLES, CARE AND MAINTENANCE IARI Fruit and Vegetable Grader Plate Orange grading (weight basis) machine in operation.

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Grader: A review of different methods of grading for fruits and vegetables. The Head FMP. Introduction Agriculture is the back-bone of Indian economy as over.