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Though the protections of employment law are usually not subject to waiver by the employee, some countries allow unions to negotiate to modify or abrogate then. This article looks at two: the United States and Germany.

Comparative Industrial Relations

Skip to main content Skip to table of contents. Advertisement Hide. This service is more advanced with JavaScript available. Comparative Industrial Relations Ideologies, institutions, practices and problems under different social systems with special reference to socialist planned economies. Authors view affiliations J. Front Matter Pages i-viii. Labour and the Social System. Pages Employment, Unemployment, Mobility. Work Discipline and Conditions of Work. Trade Unions and Collective Bargaining.

Technology and Labour. Wages, Incentives and Living Standards. Inflation and Labour. Industrial Disputes. International Migrations of Workers.

Back Matter Pages About this book Keywords comparative economics industrial relations labor. Authors and affiliations J. Wilczynski 1 1. Bibliographic information Book Title Comparative Industrial Relations Book Subtitle Ideologies, institutions, practices and problems under different social systems with special reference to socialist planned economies Authors J.

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[PDF] International and Comparative Employment Relations: National Regulation, Global Changes Free

Literature Review 2. The unitary, pluralist and Marxist perspectives all give different descriptions of the relationship between employers and employees. This view of industrial relations is a by product of a theory of capitalist society and social change. Industrial relations scholars have described three major theoretical perspectives or frameworks, that contrast in their understanding and analysis of workplace relations. As workers, we associate Industrial Relations with Unions, Industrial Awards, and labour laws that set the conditions under which we work. Industrial relations in the Caribbean : issues and perspectives pdf - 0.

This article aims to quantify the institutional similarities between industrial relations systems in 11 Central and Eastern European countries CEE11 , on the one hand and each of the four models of capitalism in Western Europe identified by Amable [], on the other hand. The comparative analysis was performed on the basis of six variables. Three of them represent inputs or institutional determinants of industrial relations. Another three variables represent outputs or the labor market performance. For each variable, the similarity coefficients between CEE11 countries and four reference EU15 economies representing Western European models of capitalism were calculated.

PDF | This essay is a contribution in the field of Comparative Employment Relations (CER), part of a symposium on the book International and.

Comparative Industrial Relations

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International and Comparative Labor

Comparative Industrial Relations

There have been numerous accounts exploring the relationship between institutions and firm practices. Again, evaluations of the relationship between institutions and employment relations have tended to be of the broad-brushstroke nature, often founded on macro-data, and with only limited attention being accorded to internal diversity and details of actual practice. The Handbook aims to fill this gap by bringing together an assembly of comprehensive and high quality chapters to enable understanding of changes in employment relations since the early s. Theoretically based chapters attempt to link varieties of capitalism, business systems, and different modes of regulation to the specific practice of employment relations, and offer a truly comparative treatment of the subject, providing frameworks and empirical evidence for understanding trends in employment relations in different parts of the world.

But IR also refers to a specific academic perspective, centred on certain normative and theoretical principles. This essay focuses on the three dominant perspectives in industrial relations. These perspectives are unitary perspective, pluralist perspective and Marxist perspective as Dzimbiri suggests. Perspectives in Industrial Relations. Approaches To IR. Theoretical postulations were employed to explain the causal relation between industrial relations and productivity. Hameed The author critically examines theoretical developments in industrial relations.

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International and Comparative Employment Relations

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International and Comparative Labor


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The term labour relations, also known as industrial relations, refers to the system in which employers, workers and their representatives and, directly or indirectly, the government interact to set the ground rules for the governance of work relationships.

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PDF | On Jan 1, , Anthony Gould published International and Comparative Employment Relations. National regulation, global changes, By.

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Faculty in the Department of International and Comparative Labor ICL are concerned with understanding and comparing labor and employment systems and practices in other countries and regions of the world, and with analyzing the dynamics of globalization as they relate broadly to work and capital.



More comparative research in industrial relations is needed.