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In today's society, divorce is more the norm than ever before. There are as many causes for divorce as there are people who divorce. Divorce itself is both a cause and an effect.

Causes and Effects of Divorce

Most of them choose divorce as a final solution to cancel legally the responsibilities of their marriages because of they are unable to maintain their relationship.

Financial problems, stress in modern living and lack of communication are considered as three major causes of divorce. Financial difficulties are one of the leading reasons of divorce.

Couples often end up having disputes over money. In many cases one of the partners is invariably not happy with the spending habits of the other individual. This can result in massive fights. The fact that money is a contentious issue among couples can be seen from the fact that opinion polls indicate as many as ninety percent respondents reporting fights over money. The first significant cause of recent rise in the rates of divorce is that women completely change in roles.

Because of these situations, it is too difficult for most women to separate from their husbands. Nonetheless, these situations entirely change nowadays. The equality between men and women in roles are very clear at the moment, thus women can work outside to earn money, while men share the household tasks such as cooking, cleaning, washing as well as caring for children. It can be clearly seen that women are independent from money as they can earn money by themselves to support their living cost.

Accordingly, the divorce rates recently rise. Many people, who live in globalisation, have considerable pressures to earn money. It can be obviously seen that the stress has occurred since they are children.

For instance, in Thailand, students generally want to go to famous school so that they take advantage to go to well-known universities. Studying in celebrated universities mostly causes having a good opportunity to find a job or earn a lot of money.

This circumstance not only happens in Thailand, but also occurs in many countries. Some people are laid off from their companies; consequently the stress occurs in their family, which leads to divorce. Some families can earn money, but inadequate for covering their expenses, therefore it is easy to think about divorce.

Nevertheless, the rates of unemployment trend to continually increase as a result the divorce rates can also rise. It is no doubt that the stress in modern living may lead to recently increasing divorce rates.

The final cause of recently increasing divorce is lack of communication. Owing to financial status in each family, many people are fairly busy. For this reason, they have inadequate time to talk to the problems with their partners, which produces the likelihood of divorce.

Some couples are often quiet when they have problems each other, as a consequence little problems can be expanded to probably become huge problems, resulting in divorce. It is quite clear that the more communications are used, the more divorce rates are reduced.

Although, these three cause of the recent rise in divorce rates are expressed above, there are also two effects of the recent increase of divorce rates: negative effects and positive effects.

Firstly, the effects of recent enlargement in divorce rates are negative effects. Most couples normally have children when they get marriage. Accordingly, divorces can directly effect on children. Children living in single parent families are more probably to get pregnant as teenagers, drop out of high school, abuse drugs and have aggressively emotional and behavioural problems, which lead to social problems.

They do not have good opportunities to find a job due to shortage of education. Consequently, crime may likely be the end result. These are significantly negative effects of recent expansion in divorce rates. Secondly, on the other hand, another effects of rise in divorce rates are positive effects.

People, who divorce by consent from their partners, want to have better quality of life, since they are unhappy with their spouses. Accordingly, they can work efficiently, which results from fine mental condition.

In addition, divorces also get rid of the violence of quarrel between husband and wife, hence everybody in family get better in physical and mental healthy, particularly for children. These are the advantageous effects of increasing divorce rates. In conclusion, a family is one of the important parts of society, thus many people had better aware of the significance of relationship in family. Nevertheless, there are also the two different ways in effects, which are negative and positive effects.

Some couples, which have no children, divorce by consent, therefore divorce should be good solution for couples to deal with this problem. On the other hand, some couples having children in their family should think deliberatively before they end their marriage in divorce; otherwise innocent children probably become victims for this situation.

Although people trend to think carefully before they get marriage, the rates of divorce continuously rise nowadays. Now we know that lack of communication, financial problems, and violence are the main causes why people get divorce.

May be you should considet living in free union for a short time before you get married, by doing this, you can meet your partner well. It is not the best option, but if you are really in love, you can get married without any problem. Causes and Effects of Divorce.

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The Cause and Effect of Divorce on Children Research Paper

Back to Blog. This is the first article in our seven part Causes of Divorce series. Links to the following articles are at the bottom of the page. Cultural shifts in attitude and behavior over the past 75 years has helped to redefine the meaning of marriage. In turn, these shifting beliefs have also normalized and largely eliminated the stigma that once shrouded divorce. The idea of marriage as a lifelong commitment has changed significantly, and gradually evolved to an emphasis on individual fulfillment and satisfaction.

Divorce is not a fun thing to go through. People who have not experienced divorce or have been close to someone who has been through it, has no idea how hard it is. This essay will explain to you what divorce is, some statistics about divorce, why it may occur, the effects it could have on people, and how you could prevent a divorce. So what is divorce? The number of causes of divorce could be compared to the number of divorced couples out there in the world.

Most of them choose divorce as a final solution to cancel legally the responsibilities of their marriages because of they are unable to maintain their relationship. Financial problems, stress in modern living and lack of communication are considered as three major causes of divorce. Financial difficulties are one of the leading reasons of divorce. Couples often end up having disputes over money. In many cases one of the partners is invariably not happy with the spending habits of the other individual.

In s due to different reasons 33% of family could not avoid divorce. Today the number of divorces is about 45%. So, there is no need to explain why this essay.

Cause and Effect Essay – The Causes of Divorce

Although the main objectives of marriage are permanent union and healthy relationship between couples, unfortunate circumstances do arise in marriage that forces marriage partners to divorce. Psychologists and sociologists have noted that causes of divorce entail many complex issues that complicate and stall continuation of marriage. Infidelity, lack of commitment, drug abuse, poor relationships, incompatible lifestyles, abusive behaviors, and financial problems are some of the common causes of divorces in the modern society. When divorce occurs in a family, couples are not the only ones who experience emotional and psychological suffering, but also children. Children experience traumatic experiences seeing their parents quarrel and fight until they divorce leaving them to live under single parent-families, which denies them a chance to enjoy balanced parenthood.

Cause and Effect Essay on Divorce

Divorce can be a difficult time for a family. Not only are the parents realizing new ways of relating to each other, but they are learning new ways to parent their children. When parents divorce, the effects of divorce on children can vary. Some children react to divorce in a natural and understanding way, while other children may struggle with the transition. Children are resilient and with assistance the divorce transition can be experienced as an adjustment rather than a crisis.

Generally, there are many causes and effects as to why people marry and get divorced. The effects of all of these can range from broken homes, separation and when all else fails divorce is usually the last resort. Many beautiful things can come from marriage such as kids and a lifetime partnership with the love of your life. But divorce is one of the worst things that comes from a marriage some people get through the hard times and some decide it is better off to go their own ways. Divorce is caused by many things and there are many effects to it.

Divorce rates point to a world that does not see much success in marriage. For instance, in Maldives, the divorce rate is so high that the UN calculated that the typical Maldivian woman, by the age of 30, has been divorced three times Marriage Advice. What are the causes of these high divorce rates? There are 10 main causes we can discuss. Extramarital affairs is the main reason for divorces Oliver.

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The Cause And Effects Of Divorce Effects On Children

Since past, people around the world have to live together by getting marriage, so they can be able to help each other on life. Moreover, most people think carefully before marriage; instead of, some think that marriage is easy. The first main cause for divorce is that women completely change in roles. This situation leads to the phenomenon called divorce, which unfortunately is becoming more common than ever before, and it is drastically bringing new effects in the lives of those individuals involved. Meanwhile, they had to do most of the housework. Student loan debt has been on the rise over the years. As students are on their way to college, many are turning down attending huge universities because of the hefty price tag.

Causes of Divorce