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In a corrupt tax administration a rise in tax ratesets off complicated strategic moves by both taxpayersand administrators. It is shown that in somecircumstances, this may bring about Laffer likebehavior of overall tax revenue, i. Further, a more intense tax effort byincreasing the number of returns audited may alsoreduce net revenues.

The Effect of Corruption and Governance on Tax Revenues

Use of this Web site signifies your agreement to the terms and conditions. Special Issues. Contact Us. Change code. Corruption and tax evasion remain main problems in both developed and developing countries.

Increasing domestic revenue mobilization remains a challenge for many governments, particularly in low-income countries. Using a sample of East African countries, the study sets off to investigate the impact of financial development from a multi-dimensional perspective on tax revenues for the period to , and how political development and the control of corruption would enhance the observed nexus. The dynamic panel results from the system GMM estimation approach indicate a significant role of financial development overall and the financial institutions and financial markets in particular. A disaggregation of the duo suggests that it is the depth of financial institutions that greatly matters for tax revenue, with a one per cent change expected to yield about 0. It is then followed by their level of accessibility, financial market depth and efficiency. We fail to find significant evidence in support of financial market access and financial institutions efficiency although the possibility for the latter seems indismissible. Further evidence points to the catalytic nature of a good institutional and political environment in pursuit of higher tax-GDP ratio via financial development.

Corruption, Taxes and Compliance

Erwann Sabai and Dr. Chirok Han from University of Auckland for their valuable comments and to the following people: Dr. Shahid M. Alam of Northeastern University, Boston, for their intuitive comments; and Ms. However, the authors are responsible for any errors or omissions, which are of course unintended. Using panel data from the International Country Risk Guide corruption index, institutional quality and political stability indices and several state variables for developed and developing countries, this paper explores the linear quadratic empirical relationship between corruption and economic growth. Empirical literature has shown a linear relationship between corruption and economic growth but hasn't differentiated between growth-enhancing and growth-reducing levels of corruption.

Formulaire de demande de DAI. We designed a public good laboratory experiment in order to identify the causal relationships between tax evasion and corruption and query whether deterring one of these behaviours may have desirable spillover effects on the other. Consistent with theoretical predictions, we find that i the possibility of embezzling tax revenue increases the likelihood and amount of tax evaded; ii fighting corruption has a significant negative impact on tax evasion, suggesting a crossover effect of deterrence from anti-corruption to anti-tax evasion; iii penalizing tax evasion does not have a significant impact on embezzlement; indicating that the crossover effect is unidirectional. Interestingly, all three deterrence treatments increase public good provision compared to the baseline treatment, but with a clear ranking: the Big bang approach is the most effective, followed by Anti-corruption, then Anti-evasion. Aller au contenu principal. Abstract We designed a public good laboratory experiment in order to identify the causal relationships between tax evasion and corruption and query whether deterring one of these behaviours may have desirable spillover effects on the other.

PDF | This study addresses the influence of corruption and governance on the tax revenue collection in Emerging and Growth-Leading.

Corruption, governance and tax revenues in Africa

Download this publication. Over the past two decades many developing countries have implemented comprehensive reforms of their tax administrations in order to increase revenue and curb corruption. It argues that the technocratic remedies supported by donors have underplayed the degree to which progress in tax administration depends upon a thorough "cultural change" in the public service.

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The Effect of Corruption and Governance on Tax Revenues

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Exploring the Relationships between Corruption and Tax Revenue

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