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Ethics education in nursing provides a critical foundation for addressing ethical questions that arise in the patient-provider relationship. These questions are many and often include central concerns surrounding truth-telling, informed consent, and protecting the rights and welfare of patients and families in decision making. We highlight the research and clinical opportunities that support ethics education, and offer innovative methods for ethics pedagogy.

International Journal of Organizational Leadership

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Over the last decade there has been a noticeable increase in attention, on the part of public health scholars and professionals, to the important ethical challenges that arise in the context of public health policy, practice and research. This has arguably been a driver for the development of public health ethics PHE as both a specialized field of study in bioethics and a subject for professional education. But how is PHE taught in public health programs and schools? Are current educational approaches sufficient to provide future professionals with the necessary tools to address the diverse ethical challenges they will encounter? In this article, we examine the international public health and bioethics literatures regarding PHE education in public health programs and schools.

Subscription price CiteScore 1. Various studies on the success and effectiveness of schools and education systems show that quality of management and organisation is the most important variable. IJMIE addresses the issues arising from these developments. IJMIE aims to publish papers which analyse all aspects of international education, providing researchers and professionals from education with the opportunity to discuss the most demanding issues regarding the development and leadership of education at all levels and in all areas of education management. Similarly, it is interested in how international or intercultural questions can produce problems which are ethical in nature or which have ethical consequences with regard to the management in education. IJMIE publishes original and review papers, technical reports, case studies, conference reports, management reports, book reviews, and notes, commentaries, and news.

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View MyStat. Purpose - The paper aims highlight the state of ICT integration to the educational system of the Philippines, including the challenges, efforts, and possible solutions. Findings - The critical analysis of the reviewed papers revealed several policy actions to fully integrate ICT in education in the case of Philippines such as added trainings for teachers, provision of computer infrastructures, integration of ICT in the curriculum in a strategized manner, and lastly a strong leadership. Originality - The paper provided a lens both on the problematic situation on the actual school set-ups and also the possible key steps to be undertaken for improvement. The formal efforts of the government were also highlighted including the prime importance of ICT in education.

News reports on corruption, unethical practices, scandals and other forms of misconduct have reached an apex that has brought forth citizen outcries for reform and increased government attention and regulation. Obeying the law and adhering to regulations are the easy part of the leader's job in assuring good behavior on the part of employees, managers and executives. It is in those gray areas of our responsibilities that ethical dilemmas are the most difficult. If one breaks the law, the consequences are easily seen and broadly known. At Rutgers University, the Institute for Ethical Leadership IEL was created to have a positive effect on civil society by helping to educate and support this current generation and a new generation of leaders. The IEL will be a resource for Leaders as they pursue sustainable ethical practices and behaviors and sustainable performance for their organizations. Sustainable ethical practices and behaviors are those that all of our citizens expect and demand from their leaders and one another.

Ethics Education in Nursing: Instruction for Future Generations of Nurses

Current Issue. By Issue. By Subject. Keyword Index. The availability of conflicting data in the scientific literature on the correlations between self-actualization, occupational stress and emotional burnout has suggested that the nature of the relationship between occupational stress and self-actualization and emotional burnout may change due to some other variables, such as coping strategies.

Ethics education in public health: where are we now and where are we going?

For nearly 20 years, nursing has topped Gallup polls as the most honest and ethical profession. Leadership plays a significant role in developing and maintaining nursing ethics. Ethical nurse leaders create work environments that impact employee choices, behaviors, and values.


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Ethical Principles in Nursing: Tips for Nurse Leaders in Promoting Ethical Practice


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precisely how is ethical leadership related to ethical competence? In this chapter ethical dilemmas through independent reasoning grounded on considered deliberation.” Instead, we should teach our leaders to think beyond their own ethical dilemmas, Journal of Business Ethics 36(1–2): –