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Literature and Gender

There are also interviews with actors, playwrights. The Routledge Reader in Gender and Performance presents the most influential and widely-known, critical work on gender and performing arts, together with exciting and provocative new writings. It provides systematically arranged articles to guide the reader from topic to topic, and specially linked articles by scholars and teachers to explain key issues and put the extracts in context.. Unit 5 Readings: Issues in Literature, Culture and Criticism This unit focuses on contesting and demystifying pre-conceived notions of literature as mimetic representations. It aims to underline literature as part of cultural. Melmaran Christ Recrucified Nikos Kazantzakis.

A Feminist Perspective on Gender Representation in Nnedi Okorafor's 'Lagoon'

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Herstory is a term for history written from a feminist perspective and emphasizing the role of women, or told from a woman's point of view. It originated as an alteration of the word "history", as part of a feminist critique of conventional historiography , which in their opinion is traditionally written as "his story", i. The Oxford English Dictionary credits Robin Morgan with first using the term "herstory" in print in her anthology Sisterhood is Powerful. During the s and s, second-wave feminists saw the study of history as a male-dominated intellectual enterprise and presented "herstory" as a means of compensation. In , Hridith Sudev , an inventor, environmentalist and social activist associated with various youth movements, launched 'The Herstory Movement,' an online platform to "celebrate lesser known great persons; female, queer or otherwise marginalized, who helped shape the modern World History. Non-profit organizations Global G. This campaign works with 25 other countries to share girl's lives and stories.

Background on Gender Representation 3. In Nigerian Literature 3. In Speculative Fiction. Among those, the novel explores terrains of gender inequality and gender identity and displays a feminist attitude towards those issues. The characters and their actions underline the conflicts which define issues researched in gender studies. Gender representation is a type of research done under the pretext of the philosophical discourse of feminist theory, which, among other practices, investigates the gender roles that define a societal norm. It asserts that throughout time the typical gender role of the woman has established itself to be represented by the body, while, for men, it is represented by the mind.

Part One. CHAPTER ONE Literature and gender. 1. LIZBETH GOODMAN, WITH ALISON SMITH. CHAPTER TWO Gender and poetry. ANGUS CALDER.


Buy now. Delivery included to Germany. Literature and Gender combines an introduction to and an anthology of literary texts which powerfully demonstrate the relevance of gender issues to the study of literature.

Literature and Gender combines an introduction to and an anthology of literary texts which powerfully demonstrate the relevance of gender issues to the study of literature. The volume covers all three major literary genres - poetry, fiction and drama - and closely examines a wide range of themes, including:feminity versus creativity in women's lives and writingthe construction of female charactersautobiography and fictionthe gendering of languagethe interaction of race, class and gender within writing, reading and interpretation. No other book on this subject provides an anthology, introduction and critical reader in one volume. Literature and Gender is the ideal guide for any student new to this field. Sign up to our newsletter and receive discounts and inspiration for your next reading experience.


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Literature and Gender combines an introduction to and an anthology of literary texts which powerfully demonstrate the relevance of gender issues to the study of​.

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