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library collection development policies academic public and special libraries pdf

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The Holy Cross Libraries the Library steward a vast collection of both print and electronic materials to support the curriculum and the research of our academic community. The current collection includes resources that support the academic curriculum and research needs of a leading liberal arts college in the United States. The Library also collects materials from other academic areas such as interdisciplinary and emerging scholarly fields.

Budget Allocation. Collection Policies -- Sample collection development policies. Digital Rights Management and Licensing.

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For library professionals to make informed choices, selection policies for all types of libraries — public libraries, academic libraries, technical school libraries, and school libraries public and private — should include criteria to guide in the resource selection process. The criteria should be a blend of general, specific, and technical to enable library staff to select materials in all subject areas and formats. In addition to criteria such as appropriateness to the age and level of the user, librarians must also consider creating a collection that reflects diversity of ideas and authors as well as being reflective of the population the library serves. Selection policies should include specific criteria to guide professionals in purchasing items. Librarians should consider authenticity, public demand, general interest, content, and circumstances of use. For libraries serving minors, librarians should consider age, social and emotional development, intellectual level, interest level, and reading level. Technical criteria should be included in the policy for example, clarity of sound in audio materials, quality of cinematography in video, and quality of graphics in games.

We are the marketplace of the mind. To meet this service responsibility, the Board establishes a Collection Development Policy. This document defines a policy to guide library staff in the selection of materials. It also serves as a means to inform the public of the philosophy of selection and establishes a framework for continuous collection evaluation and improvement. In addition to the Main Library, the Dayton Metro Library is served by twenty branch locations as part of an integrated system. The library system is a unified collection with an integrated computer catalog which allows a patron to see what is in the entire collection by checking the PAC public access catalog at any library. One library card can be used at all locations to borrow materials.

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The principal mission of the law libraries in collecting and maintaining library resources is to support the instructional and research needs of our primary patrons: the students, faculty, staff, and alumni of the Boston University School of Law. The mission of the law libraries also extends to the wider Boston University community. Boston University encourages interdisciplinary approaches to scholarship and learning, with many formal and informal bridges between departments and schools. As a result, the law libraries serve not only the law faculty and students but the entire Boston University community. In addition to developing its own electronic and print collections, the law libraries actively participate in campus, regional, and national programs for cooperative collection sharing and development, including various consortia. Campus-wide access to legal literature, increasingly via reliance on electronic databases, is provided through cooperative arrangements with other Boston University Libraries. The law librarians should take the following into account when considering resources to add to the collection:.

Now that you have studied what is included in a collection development policy, it is time to talk about how to go about writing one. Although the following procedure appears to go in linear steps, some of these steps may take place at the same time. Step One. Establish the procedure. If you wish to write or revise your collection development policy, the governing body should be informed.

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Specific objectives of this policy include:. The University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus Strauss Health Sciences Library links people, reliable health sciences knowledge, and technology in support of effective learning, quality health care, vital research, and engaging community service. In general, resources purchased or leased for the collection are appropriate for individuals studying at a graduate level or above, health care practitioners, and research professionals. The library does not have sufficient funds to purchase both print and online versions of all titles. Only electronic versions of journals are acquired except for a very small number of journals that are not yet available in electronic format.

Collection development, the process used by librarians to choose items for a particular library or section of a library, can be time-consuming and difficult due to the many factors that must be taken into consideration. Library Collection Development for Professional Programs: Trends and Best Practices addresses the challenging task of collection development in modern academic libraries, which is largely learned on the job. This publication contains practical advice and innovative strategies essential for current collection development librarians and future librarians seeking guidance in this complex position. Collection development is a challenging part of a librarian's job and one that tends to be very situation-specific, making it difficult to teach it effectively most, if not all, practical skills in this area are learned on the job. The purpose of this collection is to provide practicing librarians and students preparing to enter the profession with advice and strategies on how best to navigate the complex processes involved in creating and managing library collections.

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