Lecture Method Of Teaching Merits And Demerits Pdf

lecture method of teaching merits and demerits pdf

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The Future of Lecture Method as a Teaching Strategy in Community Nursing Education

Lecture method is not well suited to the development of high-level intellectual skills and attitudes. The method does not appear to focus on Conceptual learning as much as factual or perceptual learning. The method neither takes into consideration nor accounts for the differences of interest, knowledge, skills and intellectual abilities and high level cognitive skills of student. Lecture method as usually practiced, does not provide for an immediate feedback about its effectiveness. The amount of information or knowledge absorbed by students via the lecture may vary greatly from student to student. The lecture when properly prepared and delivered, demands an enormous amount of time, energy and focus.

Lecturing is an old-fashioned instructional method of delivering information verbally. There are many pros and cons of lecturing that cause much debate over whether this strategy should still be used today. Learn whether lecturing fits into the modern classroom and if it does, how. During a typical lecture, an instructor stands before their class and presents information to students. Lecturing can go on for any amount of time on any topic.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Lectures Advantages and disadvantages of lectures as quoted from Bonwell who cited Cashin as the original author. Advantages of the lecture Effective lecturers can communicate the intrinsic interest of a subject through their enthusiasm. Lectures can present material not otherwise available to students. Lectures can be specifically organized to meet the needs of particular audiences. Lectures can present large amounts of information. Lectures can be presented to large audiences.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Lecturing

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Introduction: Blended learning, a new approach in educational planning, is defined as an applying more than one method, strategy, technique or media in education. Todays, due to the development of infrastructure of Internet networks and the access of most of the students, the Internet can be utilized along with traditional and conventional methods of training. Methods: This quasi-experimental study is conducted among the sophomore students of Public Health School, Tehran University of Medical Science in Four classes of the school are randomly selected and are divided into two groups. Education in two classes 45 students was in the form of lecture method and in the other two classes 48 students was blended method with e-Learning and lecture methods. This step has been done by sending self-reported electronic questionnaires to the students' email addresses through Google Document software.

Lecture method as teaching strategy : B.Ed. Notes

Lecture method is most convenient and inexpensive method of teaching any subject. It hardly requires the use of scientific apparatus, experiment, and aids materials except for the black board. Lecture method is teacher controlled and information centered approach in which teacher works as a role resource in classroom instruction. In this method, the only teacher does the talking and the student is passive listens. This creates dullness in the classrooms as the interaction between the pupil and teacher ceases to occur.

Looking at the list of advantages shows a clear place for lectures. For example, members of the general public voluntarily attending a lecture on, say, genetic engineering or art appreciation. The audience need not take notes and will not be assessed on the content so the teaching need not be especially effective. Furthermore, such a self-motivated audience is probably receptive to inspiration by the lecturer.

Search How to Titles Subjects Organizations. What is a Lecture? In this section we shall discuss the lecture method. We shall do this by examining its main characteristics, outlining some of its strengths and shortcomings and suggesting ways of improving it. Very simply, a lecture is an organized verbal presentation of subject matter often augmented by visual aids.

Lecture Method of Teaching Focus, Applications, Merits and Demerits

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The lecture method of teaching has among others the following merits: 1. Demerits: 1. Does not enhance understanding in learning; encourages route learning. 2. elmhurstskiclub.org​TeachingResources/pdf/.

Lecture Method of teaching, Definition, Advantages & Disadvantages

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